Our Story

Inspired by my own travel experiences

My name is Dirk. I am from Leipzig, Germany, and am the founder of Leipzig Free Tours – Walk like a local! As my passion now lies in introducing my city to travelers, it may seem hard to believe that I was not always in love with Leipzig.

Growing up in Saxony, I never really appreciated my town and moved from Leipzig to Dresden and eventually to London where I lived for some years. In 2016, I returned to Leipzig and started working in a hostel where I rediscovered my city and also got a sense of what travelers coming to Leipzig value the most on their visits. In addition, no free walking tour existed in Leipzig at the time. As I knew free tours very well from my own travel experiences, I decided to create a tour for Leipzig that should reflect what I considered does matter most to the people coming here.

Through studying the city, I also rediscovered my own love to Leipzig and started to see the city with new eyes and from a whole range of different perspectives. I discovered new aspects such as street art, the wealth of new places to eat and drink and the beautiful nature in and around the city. With this new inspiration, I set out to create a memorable experience for visitors that provides true value for the traveler.

Our guides

My guide team comes from different backgrounds reaching from history to writing. We work closely together and support each other with our unique skills. What unites us is our desire to create exceptional experiences for travelers visiting Leipzig.

Dirk Pohlers
Dirk PohlersFounder & Guide


It is our goal through this walking tour to connect with individual travelers, as well as to connect travelers with each other through our city that we so cherish. We wish to be part of their journey and their experience in Leipzig, so as to create exceptional memories.

We have a love and a passion for our city and wish to share it with others from around the world. We love to meet new people and are proud to have the opportunity to earn a living from our passion. As travelers, ourselves, we understand the mindset and desires of other travelers.

We are committed and devoted to introduce like minded travelers to the city of Leipzig. Furthermore, we strive to make travelers feel at home in this city and feel comfortable. We are committed to answering all questions that individuals may have regarding Leipzig and cater to budget travelers.