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TOP 5 Leipzig Bars and Cafes for post lockdown


Frau Krause Leipzig After a long time of social isolation and staying home, everybody is now looking forward for the first phase of bars and restaurants to reopen on Saturday. Here are my top 5 hidden gems of Leipzig for you to check out.   FRAU KRAUSE For everybody wanting to experience some true east German atmosphere, Frau Krause in Connewitz is the place to go. The term "Gastro Pub" might sound like home to some Brits while it describes what it is - a pub style bar with a few very classic (east German) dishes and nibbles. Locals [...]

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It all started with …. Beer at Braustraße, next to Feinkost in Leipzig


Braustraße (brew street) hints until today to what was the initial use of the area at today's "Feinkost" in Leipzig. A brewery was erected there in 1852 by Carl August Friedrich Lange as "Langesche Bierbrauerei" and converted to "Vereins-Bier-Brauerei" in 1857. In the middle of the 19th century, what is now Südvorstadt, was still out of town of Leipzig in 1830 with its merely 40 000 inhabitants. Following the rise of the trade fair in Leipzig, factories were moved south to keep the inner city smoke free. In addition to the brewery, there was also a dancing hall and beer garden, [...]

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Honecker’s Guest House


Honecker's Guest House of the Council of Ministers and Politburo of the GDR Erich Honecker was a regular at the former "Guest House of the Council of Ministers and Politburo of the GDR" when it was opened in 1968 by SED head of state Walter Ulbricht. In addition to Ulbricht, successor Erich Honecker also made guest appearances at least twice a year during the Leipziger Messe. Other GDR figures and foreign guests came, too. In 1983, a billion dollar loan for the almost bankrupt GDR was negotiated by Honecker and Bavarian Prime Minister Franz Josef Strauss in a bomb-proof [...]

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Barthel‘s Hof Leipzig


From 1747 to 1750, George Werner built this magnificent trade house ensemble for the merchant Gottlieb Barthel including its inward facing baroque facade. The buildings marks one of the last existing trade buildings with entrance and exit in Leipzig and was part of the real estate conman Dr. Jürgen Schneider as construction site back then. Its later renovation led to a redecoration of almost the entire building,except the restaurant in the vault which remained largely original. Barthels Hof Leipzig I Leipzig Free Tours Barthels Hof Leipzig I Leipzig Free Tours

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Top things to do on a trip to Germany


As a local, I am offering some insights on what might be most interesting, delicious or exciting on a trip to Germany. Arriving in Berlin, you will be overwhelmed by the sheer size of the city and what's on offer. Although a classic, I do recommend eating “Currywurst”. One of the best places to do so is Curry36 in Kreuzberg. For a great view while sipping some cocktails during the evening, head to Andel’s hotel’s bar Loft14 in Prenzlauer Berg. You will have a great view towards Fersehturm from this spot that not many people actually know about (not even Berliners). [...]

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