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Beer in Leipzig


Light, dark, lager, Pilsner, Altbier or Schwarzbier? Which beer do you like best? No matter what kind you like, we tell you where you should definitely go in Leipzig as a beer fan. Leipzig Gose Have you ever tried Gose? The sour beer, which is its own type of beer, was the most drunk beer in the trade fair city around 1900, so that Leipzig also called itself Gose city. Gose, like most beers, used to be created by spontaneous fermentation. Today, Gose is produced by the top-fermented brewing method. In addition to alcoholic fermentation, however, bacterial lactic acid [...]

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Creative Cafés & Restaurants in Leipzig


Gourmet cuisine from a chef in Adiletten, an organic restaurant with an integrated supermarket and a bar for design fans with secret access to the theater stage. We took a look around Leipzig and chose the city's most creative restaurants and cafés. Creative gourmet cuisine from the casual chef at Falco Restaurant Peter Maria Schnurr is one of the most creative chefs in Germany. Known for his easy-going style and jogging pants. At Falco, one of the best restaurants in Leipzig and located on the 27th floor of The Westin Hotel, he lives his casualness to the fullest. Whether you [...]

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German Restaurants in Leipzig – Eat traditionally


If you want to eat traditionally in Leipzig, you will find it on many corners and in numerous alleys. Many restaurants offer traditional German, Saxon, Bavarian, Bohemian or even East German cuisine in a rustic ambience. But it is exactly this variety that makes it so difficult to decide. So today we have a post for you that highlights at a glance great Leipzig restaurants with good home-style cooking that you can take your family, friends and acquaintances to. Auerbach's Keller Leipzig Auerbachs Keller In the famous Mädlerpassage, Auerbachs Keller welcomes you. It is the second oldest [...]

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Leipzig Insider Tips


Leipzig: Insider Tipps & Hidden Gems Discover the real Leipzig with our insider tips! The city of Leipzig has evolved over time from the most important trading centre of the East to an imperial trade fair city and now a historical and cultural centre. The artistic and creative scene in particular characterises the city today, which has become a unique mixture of industrial culture, old buildings and monuments, GDR history, beautiful nature parks and hip pubs. This colourful diversity attracts travellers from all over the world who are enchanted by the city. Sights and highlights such as the [...]

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Discovering Leipzig – Culinary Delicacies


In the summer months, all of Leipzig is drawn outside. Luckily, many Leipzig cafés and pubs have outdoor seating or beer gardens, because the barley juice or soda simply tastes much better outside in the fresh air. Leipzig - city of outdoor seating You can also enjoy southern flair in Leipzig. The concentration and variety of gastronomy and culture make for a unique atmosphere. The city centre, in particular, radiates the character of a folk festival from 11 pm onwards. Then it's a case of seeing and being seen. Meanwhile, Leipzig has made an excellent name for itself as [...]

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Leipzig Highlights – The best tips for a perfect weekend


Leipzig: Germany's hipster city at a glance & what to expect Old industrial districts, brick buildings, street art, hip cafés and lots of greenery to boot - Welcome to Leipzig! Leipzig is hip, creative and young. Yes, there is the traditional side of Leipzig with its imposing historical buildings and impressive architecture, but it's not what we think defines the city at its core. But what makes Leipzig so special? We find The young trendy neighbourhoods. Studios and workshops have settled in old industrial buildings. In Leipzig's hip cafés, you can comfortably enjoy your cappuccino with oat milk. [...]

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Top 10 Leipzig Attractions


Leipzig is currently the most sought-after city, especially among young people, and one of the most sought-after destinations for a city break. And not without reason: The student city of Leipzig is full of history, joie de vivre and sights! From the historic Nikolai Church to the zoo and trendy neighborhoods, everyone gets their money's worth. Fancy Leipzig? Then follow us to the best Leipzig sights. Old Leipzig City Hall & Naschmarkt | Top 1 of the best Leipzig attractions The Old Leipzig Town Hall is really old. Already at the end of the 13th century, the building of the Old Leipzig Town [...]

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TOP 5 Leipzig Bars and Cafes for post lockdown


Frau Krause Leipzig After a long time of social isolation and staying home, everybody is now looking forward for the first phase of bars and restaurants to reopen on Saturday. Here are my top 5 hidden gems of Leipzig for you to check out.   FRAU KRAUSE For everybody wanting to experience some true east German atmosphere, Frau Krause in Connewitz is the place to go. The term "Gastro Pub" might sound like home to some Brits while it describes what it is - a pub style bar with a few very classic (east German) dishes and nibbles. [...]

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