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Private Walking Tour Leipzig

Leipzig Christmas Market 2023


The tradition of the Leipzig Christmas market dates back to 1458. This makes it the second-oldest Christmas market in Germany. This year, it finally immerses Leipzig's city center in Christmas magic again from 28 November 2023 to 23 December 2023. Convivial hours and relaxed strolling with loved ones at the Leipzig Christmas Market awaken anticipation for the festive season. With around 300 stalls, it is not only one of the largest Christmas markets, but also one of the most beautiful Christmas markets in the whole country thanks to its unique cultural and culinary offerings amid the fascinating historical [...]

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Colditz Castle POW Camp


Colditz Castle is one of the most beautiful Central German architectural monuments of the 16th century. It served as an important POW-camp for high-ranking officers of the Western Allies during World War II. Winston Churchill's nephew and the nephew of the then British King George VI were also among its prisoners. Secret radio rooms, tunnels broken through the masonry and a secretly built glider are examples of the many tales told of the numerous creative escape attempts in the »Escape Museum«. The book entitled »The Colditz Story« and its film adaptation have made Colditz world famous. Colditz Castle - [...]

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Leipzig Sights & Attractions – Top 15 Places to visit


Today, Leipzig is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Eastern Germany, and thanks to its rich cultural and musical heritage, is regularly cited as one of the most liveable cities in Europe. For tourists, it is a very manageable city, with many things to do right in the compact Old Town. The city of Leipzig, long known since the Middle Ages for its fairs and markets, lies in the Saxon Lowlands at the junction of the Weisse Elster and the Pleisse rivers. This setting on important trade routes gave Leipzig considerable commercial power, and after being [...]

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Leipzig – City of Battle, City of Trade


By Carlos S. Francis The beauty of every city has a tale to tell. Paris. An unruly people. After all, they were the first to lop off the heads of royalty denying the central principle of pre-Enlightenment Europe-- the divine right of Kings to rule. If Parisians were unhappy the cry "Aux Barricades!" rang out. The narrow winding streets of medieval Paris made it easy to create roadblocks and each street became a stronghold. Emperor Napoleon III commissioned Baron Haussmann (1809-1891) to design a new city. New squares. New parks. And broad boulevards. Beautiful. And far easier to stamp [...]

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„If your photographs aren’t good enough, you’re not close enough“ – Robert Capa


By Carlos S. Francis   Robert Capa (1913 to 1954, born André Friedmann) and the love of his life, Greta Taro (1910-1937, born Gerta Pohorylle), lived by these words. And died by them. They are among the greatest war photographers of history. Our images of World War II (1939-45), the Spanish Civil War (1936-39) and the second Sino-Japanese war (1937-45) were painted by these two lovers, who created modern war photography we know it today. Leipzig was a city of fate for Robert Capa. It was here he took his famous set of photos "the last man to die in [...]

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A Boat trip on the Karl Heine Canal in Leipzig, Plagwitz


There's nothing better for a sunny autumn day than a tour by boat through Leipzig Plagwitz. We took a tour for you and will tell you what there is to discover.           We start at the Schreberbad and head up the Elstermühlgraben towards the west, parallel to Käthe-Kollwitz-Straße. There are also canals leading into the city, which are planned to be adapted to the existing connections from 2023 but only for smaller boats. The Schreberbad itself was opened in 1866 as a men's bathing establishment, with the ladies being added just under 2 years later. [...]

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Discovering Leipzig – Südfriedhof (Southern Cemetery)


Leipzig's largest cemetery is located near the Battle of Nations Monument in the southern part of the city. The complex is considered one of the largest cemeteries in Germany, covering an area of 82 hectares including the crematorium and columbarium located on the site. The building complex of the crematorium consists of two smaller chapels and a large main hall with a 63-meter high bell tower. Südfriedhof Leipzig Allee I Leipzig Free Tours - Walk like a local A place of superlatives For 130 years, the people of Leipzig have buried their deceased at the Südfriedhof. With [...]

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Leipzig Highlights – The best tips for a perfect weekend


Leipzig: Germany's hipster city at a glance & what to expect Old industrial districts, brick buildings, street art, hip cafés and lots of greenery to boot - Welcome to Leipzig! Leipzig is hip, creative and young. Yes, there is the traditional side of Leipzig with its imposing historical buildings and impressive architecture, but it's not what we think defines the city at its core. But what makes Leipzig so special? We find The young trendy neighbourhoods. Studios and workshops have settled in old industrial buildings. In Leipzig's hip cafés, you can comfortably enjoy your cappuccino with oat milk. [...]

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Top Tips for Getting to Leipzig


Leipzig is to the south west of Berlin in the east of Germany and while not quite as easy to get to as the capital, you have plenty of options available. While planning such a trip may seem daunting and time consuming, it is worth it to explore the fascinating city of Leipzig. Plus, with our top tips below, you will be able to quickly arrange the travelling aspect and save money at the same time. We will be waiting to welcome you on one of our tours when you arrive! Airport Parking If you plan to drive to your [...]

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