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Tours and Activities in Leipzig

Guide to Leipzig Lakes


From leisurely boat trips to trendy water sports, there is plenty to experience in the Leipzig region. More than 20 lakes await you - perfect for a short break or a longer vacation by the water. Each lake has developed its own characteristics and offers you special experiences. There is only one thing that the lakes have in common: the water quality is excellent everywhere. Whether it's active water sports or a leisurely swim with family and friends - you're sure to find your "favorite lake" here. Cospudener See Leipzig Lakes: Cospudener See The development [...]

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Discovering Leipzig – Culinary Delicacies


In the summer months, all of Leipzig is drawn outside. Luckily, many Leipzig cafés and pubs have outdoor seating or beer gardens, because the barley juice or soda simply tastes much better outside in the fresh air. Leipzig - city of outdoor seating You can also enjoy southern flair in Leipzig. The concentration and variety of gastronomy and culture make for a unique atmosphere. The city centre, in particular, radiates the character of a folk festival from 11 pm onwards. Then it's a case of seeing and being seen. Meanwhile, Leipzig has made an excellent name for itself as [...]

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Leipzig Highlights – The best tips for a perfect weekend


Leipzig: Germany's hipster city at a glance & what to expect Old industrial districts, brick buildings, street art, hip cafés and lots of greenery to boot - Welcome to Leipzig! Leipzig is hip, creative and young. Yes, there is the traditional side of Leipzig with its imposing historical buildings and impressive architecture, but it's not what we think defines the city at its core. But what makes Leipzig so special? We find The young trendy neighbourhoods. Studios and workshops have settled in old industrial buildings. In Leipzig's hip cafés, you can comfortably enjoy your cappuccino with oat milk. [...]

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Leipzig – Our insider tips for a perfect weekend


Karl Heine Kanal I Leipzig Tours - Walk like a local  Leipzig - the city on the edge of Saxony is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful German cities and has been enjoying increasing popularity among tourists and Leipzigers for several years. We have compiled all the important Leipzig tips for a short vacation in the trade fair city. With our Leipzig insider tips, you will find the best places, the most beautiful destinations and the hottest clubs in the city. Leipzig Tip #1: Leipzig Central Station For most visitors to the trade fair city, it is the first port [...]

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Bootstour auf dem Karl-Heine-Kanal Leipzig, Plagwitz


Nichts gibt es besseres für eine sonnigen Herbsttag als eine Tour per Boot durch Leipzig Plagwitz. Wir haben für euch eine Tour unternommen und erzählen euch was es zu entdecken gab.         Wir starten am Schreberbad und fahren den Elstermühlgraben hinauf Richtung Westen, parallel zur Käthe-Kollwitz-Straße. In die Stadt hinein führen auch noch Kanäle, geplant ist diese ab 2023 an die bestehenden Verbindungen anzupassen, allerdings nur für kleinere Boote. Das Schreberbad selber wurde 1866 als Herrenbadeanstalt eröffnet, knapp 2 Jahre später kamen die Damen dazu. Kriegsschäden führten dazu das die ursprügliche Größe nun nur noch [...]

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Top Tips for Getting to Leipzig


Leipzig is to the south west of Berlin in the east of Germany and while not quite as easy to get to as the capital, you have plenty of options available. While planning such a trip may seem daunting and time consuming, it is worth it to explore the fascinating city of Leipzig. Plus, with our top tips below, you will be able to quickly arrange the travelling aspect and save money at the same time. We will be waiting to welcome you on one of our tours when you arrive! Airport Parking If you plan to drive to your [...]

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