Bootstour auf dem Karl-Heine-Kanal in Leipzig, Plagwitz


Nichts gibt es besseres für eine sonnigen Herbsttag als eine Tour per Boot durch Leipzig Plagwitz. Wir haben für euch eine Tour unternommen und erzählen euch was es zu entdecken gab.   Wir starten am Schreberbad und fahren den Elstermühlgraben hinauf Richtung Westen, parallel zur Käthe-Kollwitz-Straße. In die Stadt hinein führen auch noch Kanäle, geplant ist diese ab 2023 an die bestehenden Verbindungen anzupassen, allerdings nur für kleinere Boote. Das Schreberbad selber wurde 1866 als Herrenbadeanstalt eröffnet, knapp 2 Jahre später kamen die Damen dazu. Kriegsschäden führten dazu das die ursprügliche Größe nun nur noch zu erahnen bleibt, auch war das [...]

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Riquet House Leipzig


Also known as the “House with the Elephants,” Riquet House’s architecture is a mix of Art Nouveau and oriental styles. Built at the turn of the 20th century, it housed an oriental trading company which imported goods from China and Japan. Now a restaurant, wine cellars and a cafe, it serves homemade goodies with an historical ambiance. The entrance attracts attention with its beautiful roof and two elephant heads. Riquet House Leipzig                 #street_vision #visualsmbassadors #dresdenfreetours #beautifuldestinations #citygrammers #theimaged #lensbible #citygrammers #creative_optic #theimaged #igworldclub #ig_woldclub #ig_woldfoto #global_hotshots #travelingram #travelblogger #travelblog #travel #travelphotography [...]

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Leipzig View


This is the view from one of the suites at Westin Hotel Leipzig at dawn. The hotel was initially constructed by a Japanese architect for the former German Democratic Republik. It functioned mainly as a hotel to welcome guests from outside the socialist countries area during trade fairs and was hence also a place where spies would gather. The Westin nowadays features an exclusive 2 Michelin star restaurant "Falco" and a great bar on the upper floors.

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Our Leipzig Free Tour on Saturday 06 August


After a great tour with a smaller group and lots of room for personal interaction, we finished off on top of Panorama Tower or "Uniriese" in the city centre to draw the route of our tour again from above and enjoy the great view towards Red Bull arena. With 142 m and 34 storeys, the tower is the highest building in the city of Leipzig. An elevator brings you just below the viewing platform, entry costs just a few euros.

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June 2016 Leipzig Free Tours


Hope everyone had a wonderful time and enjoyed their stay in beautiful Leipzig! Thanks so much for being part of Leipzig Free Tours! Tell your friends! ;) Photography by Photograephie

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