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Kunstkraftwerk Leipzig The Kunstkraftwerk Leipzig is an art exhibition and event venue on the former site of the Great Leipzig Tramway. The power station was originally built around 1900 to supply energy to the new tram network in the west of the city. The energy was generated with coal at that time. Nowadays, the space displays digital art and two impressive art shows where 360 projectors fill the entire hall with video installations, allowing visitors to be right in the middle of the experience. Leipzig Free Tours is happy to explain how to get there.

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Las 5 mejores actividades gratuitas en Leipzig


En Leipzig ofrece muchas oportunidades en cuanto a actividades, especialmente durante el verano. En este artículo presento algunas de mis actividades favoritas. ¿Qué se puede hacer en Leipzig? StreetArt Grüne Villa Leipzig Plagwitz Siempre es recomendable un paseo por la Karl-Heine-Straße, en el barrio de Plagwitz. Después de un inspirador paseo por los escaparates de las pequeñas tiendas de la calle, recomiendo un descanso en uno de los acogedores cafés, como el Dipasquale. Uno de mis favoritos cuando se trata de un buen café. Si tienes un presupuesto ajustado, también puedes encontrar Spätis en la calle. Las bebidas se [...]

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It all started with …. Beer at Braustraße, next to Feinkost in Leipzig


Braustraße (brew street) hints until today to what was the initial use of the area at today's "Feinkost" in Leipzig. A brewery was erected there in 1852 by Carl August Friedrich Lange as "Langesche Bierbrauerei" and converted to "Vereins-Bier-Brauerei" in 1857. In the middle of the 19th century, what is now Südvorstadt, was still out of town of Leipzig in 1830 with its merely 40 000 inhabitants. Following the rise of the trade fair in Leipzig, factories were moved south to keep the inner city smoke free. In addition to the brewery, there was also a dancing hall and beer garden, [...]

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Leipzig City Blog – Chinese spring festival – Chinesisches Frühlingsfest Leipzig


新年快乐 / 恭喜發財 - Happy Year of the Rat! The Chinese spring festival took place today at Werk II in Leipzig. Great atmosphere, a music show as well as a magic show we’re to be seen. Also on offer were Calligraphies classes, memory sessions, Go playing opportunities, basic language learning opportunities and of course lots of great Chinese food You can follow Leipzig Free Tours and the blog to stay up to date with what’s on in the city! chinese spring fest

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Leipzig Free Tours Leipzig


You can also check out my guide for food and attractions here: https://www.airbnb.com/s/all?refinement_paths%5B%5D=guidebooks%2F1564825&search_type=UNKNOWN&share_channel=copy

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