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Free Tour in English: Friday, Saturday, Sunday 1pm

Free Tour in German: Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday at 10:30am


Meeting point: Burgplatz in front of Ratskeller ⇩


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Our guides will take you on an informative and entertaining free tour in English around the old city centre of  Leipzig.

Experience the history and culture of Leipzig on this guided excursion. After meeting up with a knowledgeable local guide at Leipzig’s Burgplatz, explore landmarks like the site where Napoleon was defeated in the Battle of Nations, learn about famous shopping areas, marvel at architectural gems, and get tips on the best spots to drink, eat, and enjoy the evening.

We offer a view of Leipzig that you won t find elsewhere. The Battle of Nations monument commemorates the defeat of Napoleon in 1813. Do you know that it was also the last stand of the German army in Leipzig? Learn about Robert Capa, the most famous war photographer of the Second World War, and how he is connected to Leipzig. Why did Bach compose such a wide range of music? How did the GDR control its people and even inspire love? The architectural style the Nazis hated, but had to tolerate. The bakery that produced 480 loaves of bread simultaneously. The poets, the composers, the writers, the revolutionaries. Leipzig has played such a huge role in German history but has been forgotten.  

 You will find it all in our tour.

 And it s not only history. Our guides will tell you about where you can eat the best burgers in Leipzig, how you can get cheap tickets to the Orchestra, the stories of the buildings in the town and the best places to hit at night. For all this and more, join our tour. Have an unforgettable experience. Walk like a local with us in Leipzig!

As the original Free Tour in Leipzig, we are proud to introduce our city to independent travelers. It is our desire and passion to create lasting memories by telling stories from a local’s perspective. 

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New Town Hall, St. Thomas Church, Bach Memorial, Mendlessohn Memorial, Museum “Zum Arabischen Coffe Baum”, Barthels Hof, Market Square, Old Scale, Old Exchange, Goethe Memorial, “Mädler-Passage”, “Auerbach’s Keller”, Church of St. Nicolas, University of Leipzig, Leipzig Opera, Gewandhaus Leipzig, Uni-Riese, Augustusplatz

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Current advise:

  • Every participant has to keep a distance of 1,5 meters

  • Masks are recommended but not compulsory


  • Private tours are available in Spanish, English, German and Russian
  • You can pay cash, via bank transfer or Paypal
  • Duration: approximately 2.5 hours
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