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The University that brought down a regime

University of Leipzig with St Pauls Church © Universität Leipzig By Carlos S. Francis For more than 700 years St Paul's University Church, the heart of the University of Leipzig (1409), had survived. The Thirty Years War (1618-48) that killed 20 percent of all Germans, the Napoleonic Wars (1803-1815), and even the ferocious Anglo-American air raid on December 4, 1943 that showered bombs on the city, had not touched it. The bombs slid off the steeply sloping roof and the interior of the church was untouched. The brave people of Leipzig threw water at the roaring flames and rushed [...]

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Top Tips for Getting to Leipzig

Ventil Leipzig is to the south west of Berlin in the east of Germany and while not quite as easy to get to as the capital, you have plenty of options available. While planning such a trip may seem daunting and time consuming, it is worth it to explore the fascinating city of Leipzig. Plus, with our top tips below, you will be able to quickly arrange the travelling aspect and save money at the same time. We will be waiting to welcome you on one of our tours when you arrive! Airport Parking If you plan to drive [...]

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Top 5 free things to do in Leipzig

There are plenty of free things to do in Leipzig, especially during the summer, and in this article, I will introduce some of my favorites. So what to do in Leipzig? streetart leipzig Always recommended is a stroll over Karl-Heine-Straße in the borough of Plagwitz. After some window shopping around the little shops on the avenue, take a closer look at the cafes such as Dipascale which is my favorite when it comes to coffee. If on a budget, you will also find a Späti there that allows for a drink on the cheap that you can enjoy sitting [...]

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StreetArt Leipzig

  I took a walk around Westwerk last weekend and was amazed by the density of street art just in the vicinity of this building in the neighborhood of Plagwitz in Leipzig. Merely by walking around the building, you can find all sorts of different works from different artists. The most obvious would be graffiti, but also artists working with stencils, stencils on paper, wood blocks, tapes and vinyl. Some of which carry political statements, others are just pieces of art as such. I evens saw some lego pieces placed between the gaps of bricks, or larger figures that reminded me [...]

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TOP 5 Leipzig Bars and Cafes for post lockdown

Frau Krause Leipzig After a long time of social isolation and staying home, everybody is now looking forward for the first phase of bars and restaurants to reopen on Saturday. Here are my top 5 hidden gems of Leipzig for you to check out.   FRAU KRAUSE For everybody wanting to experience some true east German atmosphere, Frau Krause in Connewitz is the place to go. The term "Gastro Pub" might sound like home to some Brits while it describes what it is - a pub style bar with a few very classic (east German) dishes and nibbles. Locals [...]

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It all started with …. Beer at Braustraße, next to Feinkost in Leipzig

Braustraße (brew street) hints until today to what was the initial use of the area at today's "Feinkost" in Leipzig. A brewery was erected there in 1852 by Carl August Friedrich Lange as "Langesche Bierbrauerei" and converted to "Vereins-Bier-Brauerei" in 1857. In the middle of the 19th century, what is now Südvorstadt, was still out of town of Leipzig in 1830 with its merely 40 000 inhabitants. Following the rise of the trade fair in Leipzig, factories were moved south to keep the inner city smoke free. In addition to the brewery, there was also a dancing hall and beer garden, [...]

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Honecker’s Guest House

Honecker's Guest House of the Council of Ministers and Politburo of the GDR Erich Honecker was a regular at the former "Guest House of the Council of Ministers and Politburo of the GDR" when it was opened in 1968 by SED head of state Walter Ulbricht. In addition to Ulbricht, successor Erich Honecker also made guest appearances at least twice a year during the Leipziger Messe. Other GDR figures and foreign guests came, too. In 1983, a billion dollar loan for the almost bankrupt GDR was negotiated by Honecker and Bavarian Prime Minister Franz Josef Strauss in a bomb-proof [...]

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