Top Attractions & Things to Do in Leipzig

Westwerk Kaiserbad Leipzig I Leipzig Free Tours The city of Leipzig, long known since the Middle Ages for its fairs and markets, lies in the Saxon Lowlands at the junction of the Weisse Elster and the Pleisse rivers. This setting on important trade routes gave Leipzig considerable commercial power, and after being granted the privilege of holding fairs, it became the leading city in Saxony after Dresden. Leipzig also became a centre of art and learning, as well as an important centre for the book trade. This legacy lives on, as seen by its old-established publishing houses, major libraries [...]

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Leipzig – City of Battle. City of Trade.

By Carlos S. Francis   The beauty of every city has a tale to tell. Paris. An unruly people. After all, they were the first to lop off the heads of royalty denying the central principle of pre-Enlightenment Europe-- the divine right of Kings to rule. If Parisians were unhappy the cry "Aux Barricades!" rang out. The narrow winding streets of medieval Paris made it easy to create roadblocks and each street became a stronghold. Emperor Napoleon III commissioned Baron Haussmann (1809-1891) to design a new city. New squares. New parks. And broad boulevards. Beautiful. And far easier to stamp out [...]

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“If your photographs aren’t good enough, you’re not close enough” – Robert Capa

By Carlos S. Francis   Robert Capa (1913 to 1954, born André Friedmann) and the love of his life, Greta Taro (1910-1937, born Gerta Pohorylle), lived by these words. And died by them. They are among the greatest war photographers of history. Our images of World War II (1939-45), the Spanish Civil War (1936-39) and the second Sino-Japanese war (1937-45) were painted by these two lovers, who created modern war photography we know it today. Leipzig was a city of fate for Robert Capa. It was here he took his famous set of photos "the last man to die in Europe" [...]

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Discovering Leipzig – Culinary Delicacies

Discovering Leipzig with Leipzig Free Tours In the summer months, all of Leipzig is drawn outside. Luckily, many Leipzig cafés and pubs have outdoor seating or beer gardens, because the barley juice or soda simply tastes much better outside in the fresh air. Leipzig - city of outdoor seating You can also enjoy southern flair in Leipzig. The concentration and variety of gastronomy and culture make for a unique atmosphere. The city centre, in particular, radiates the character of a folk festival from 11 pm onwards. Then it's a case of seeing and being seen. Meanwhile, Leipzig has made [...]

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Kunstkraftwerk Leipzig

Kunstkraftwerk Leipzig The Kunstkraftwerk Leipzig is an art exhibition and event venue on the former site of the Great Leipzig Tramway. The power station was originally built around 1900 to supply energy to the new tram network in the west of the city. The energy was generated with coal at that time. Nowadays, the space displays digital art and two impressive art shows where 360 projectors fill the entire hall with video installations, allowing visitors to be right in the middle of the experience. Leipzig Free Tours is happy to explain how to get there.

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A Boat trip on the Karl Heine Canal in Leipzig, Plagwitz

There's nothing better for a sunny autumn day than a tour by boat through Leipzig Plagwitz. We took a tour for you and will tell you what there is to discover.     We start at the Schreberbad and head up the Elstermühlgraben towards the west, parallel to Käthe-Kollwitz-Straße. There are also canals leading into the city, which are planned to be adapted to the existing connections from 2023 but only for smaller boats. The Schreberbad itself was opened in 1866 as a men's bathing establishment, with the ladies being added just under 2 years later. War damage meant that the [...]

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Discovering Leipzig – Südfriedhof (Southern Cemetery)

Leipzig's largest cemetery is located near the Battle of Nations Monument in the southern part of the city. The complex is considered one of the largest cemeteries in Germany, covering an area of 82 hectares including the crematorium and columbarium located on the site. The building complex of the crematorium consists of two smaller chapels and a large main hall with a 63-meter high bell tower. Südfriedhof Leipzig Allee I Leipzig Free Tours - Walk like a local A place of superlatives For 130 years, the people of Leipzig have buried their deceased at the Südfriedhof. With time, a [...]

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Leipzig Highlights – The best tips for a perfect weekend

Leipzig Free Tours – Walk like a local I Free Walking Tour Leipzig I Maybe you are looking for a new destination for a city trip within Germany? Then we can highly recommend Leipzig! In this blog article we tell you what you can experience in Leipzig and of course reveal our personal tips and highlights for a successful weekend in Leipzig. Leipzig - or better said Hypezig! Leipzig is the better Berlin, some say. Leipzig is a city of the creative and young, a hipster city if you will, but still has plenty of classic sights to offer. [...]

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Leipzig – Our insider tips for a perfect weekend

Karl Heine Kanal I Leipzig Free Tours - Walk like a local I Free Walking Tour I Leipzig Leipzig - the city on the edge of Saxony is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful German cities and has been enjoying increasing popularity among tourists and Leipzigers for several years. We have compiled all the important Leipzig tips for a short vacation in the trade fair city. With our Leipzig insider tips you will find the best places, the most beautiful destinations and the hottest clubs in the city. Leipzig Tip #1: Leipzig Central Station For most visitors to [...]

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Top 10 Leipzig Attractions

Leipzig is currently the most sought-after city, especially among young people, and one of the most sought-after destinations for a city break. And not without reason: The student city of Leipzig is full of history, joie de vivre and sights! From the historic Nikolai Church to the zoo and trendy neighborhoods, everyone gets their money's worth. Fancy Leipzig? Then follow us to the best Leipzig sights.   Old Leipzig City Hall & Naschmarkt | Top 1 of the best Leipzig attractions Altes Rathaus Leipzig I Leipzig Free Tours - Walk like a local The Old Leipzig Town Hall is really [...]

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Top Sights in Leipzig

Leipzig has a lot to offer, so picking what attractions to see on the first visit is often difficult. Therefore, I would like to present some of my personal highlights here. Some of them can also be admired as part of our Free Tour Leipzig, others can be found a little further outside of the centre of the city of Leipzig. Barthels-Hof-Leipzig Arriving in Leipzig, the first thing not to miss is the city center and the magnificent facades. Particularly impressive here are the numerous old trading yards with their centuries-old history. The oldest and most hidden is Barthel's [...]

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Гостевой дом Хонекера

Honecker's Guest House of the Council of Ministers and Politburo of the GDR Эрих Хонеккер был завсегдатаем бывшего "Гостевого дома Совета Министров и Политбюро ГДР", когда в 1968 году его открыл глава СЕПГ Вальтер Ульбрихт. Кроме Ульбрихта, преемник Эриха Хонекера по крайней мере дважды в год выступал в качестве гостя на Лейпцигской мессе. Приезжали и другие деятели ГДР и иностранные гости. В 1983 году Хонеккер и премьер-министр Баварии Франц Йозеф Штраус договорились о кредите на миллиард долларов для почти обанкротившегося ГДР в бомбоустойчивом бункере под домом. В 1995 году Тройханд продал собственность и здание гамбургской сети ресторанов Block, которая [...]

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Университет, который разрушил режим

University of Leipzig with St Pauls Church © Universität Leipzig by Carlos S. Francis Более 700 лет сохранилась университетская церковь Святого Павла, сердце Лейпцигского университета (1409 г.). Тридцатилетняя война (1618-48 гг.), унесшая жизни 20% немцев, наполеоновские войны (1803-1815 гг.) и даже жестокий англо-американский воздушный налет 4 декабря 1943 г., в результате которого на город обрушились бомбы, не коснулись его. Бомбы соскользнули с круто наклонной крыши, и интерьер церкви остался нетронутым. Отважные лейпцигчане бросили воду в ревущее пламя и бросились в горящую церковь, чтобы спасти бесценные артефакты. В конце концов, церковь была символом города. Так же, как Нотр-Дам является символом [...]

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Топ 5 бесплатных вещей в Лейпциге

В Лейпциге много бесплатных вещей, особенно летом, и в этой статье я представлю некоторые из своих любимых. Так что же делать в Лейпциге? streetart leipzig Всегда рекомендуется прогулка по улице Карл-Хайне-Штрассе в районе Плагвитц. После некоторых витрин вокруг маленьких магазинов на проспекте, взгляните поближе на такие кафе, как Dipasquale, которые являются моими любимыми, когда дело доходит до кофе. Если у вас есть бюджет, вы также найдете там Späti, который позволяет пить по дешевке, что вы можете наслаждаться сидя напротив старой фабрики в Westwerk. Прекрасная возможность вдохнуть дух там, проверить некоторые из StreeArt и произведения искусства вокруг Westwerk.   [...]

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Top Tips for Getting to Leipzig

Ventil Leipzig is to the south west of Berlin in the east of Germany and while not quite as easy to get to as the capital, you have plenty of options available. While planning such a trip may seem daunting and time consuming, it is worth it to explore the fascinating city of Leipzig. Plus, with our top tips below, you will be able to quickly arrange the travelling aspect and save money at the same time. We will be waiting to welcome you on one of our tours when you arrive! Airport Parking If you plan to drive [...]

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